Gourmet Octopus & Paprika Pate

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Spanish food

Octopus & Paprika Pate by La Chinata

Jar of 120 g.


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Spanish food by La Chinata. Octopus & Paprika Pate

La Chinata Octopus & Paprika Pate elaborated with the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). It is a pate that has had a delicate elaboration process and it is known for its unparalleled flavour.

Suggestions: This pate is recommended as a snack spread in bread, as it has soft and tasty texture. You can add a special touch with vegetable jam and caramelized onion with EVOO. It can also be a good accompaniment to offer a different touch to elaborated fish, rice and pasta dishes. Pate is recommended to be served slightly cold, it is also a good combination with white wine, to boost its flavour.

Format: Glass jar of 120 grams.

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